Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mars Needs Moms

Curiosity may have stumbled onto something crazy on Mars recently in the form of organic compounds...LIFE!! (Or at least something that used to be alive)

Awesome Disney movie

If there was life on Mars, the organic compounds are the key to figuring out what it was and Curiosity is on the hunt. In an article found here, a guy named Dr. Levin thinks there is something there. He thinks that Curiosity will find some sort of microbial metabolisms in the soil that would link to former life on the planet. It seems that the more Curiosity searches, the curiouser (if that's a word?) we become about its findings. In short, Mars may have needed some Moms back in the day...but it doesn't look like any motherless martians are roaming around out there today. To close, here is a picture of what funny or die says is the reason Mars is red...Gingers!

Creepy Gingers make Mars Red

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