Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Earth's Crazy New Space Fence

Is Earth afraid of space monsters throwing asteroids at us? Apparently! According to Space Mart, Lockheed Martin is in the final stages of launching a new Space Fence around the Earth.

Wilson always behind his fence
The purpose of the fence is to track objects that are headed towards Earth as well as track asteroids or other small things headed for satellites or the space station. There are hundreds of thousands of small objects orbiting the Earth all the time and they have the ability to mess with our plans. Using the new space fence, we can time our spacecraft take off times or satellite launches so we don't hit anything.

Lockheed Martin's Space Fence
Hopefully with the addition of the new fence, neighboring planets don't hit their asteroid baseballs over it and destroy our awesome planet!

The fence should help us stop this!


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