Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Heat Wave Level - Maximum

I'm not sure how the weather is for the rest of you guys, but here in Colorado, it's been relatively warm for being the end of November. Now i'm not going to go into an argument about climate change, global warming, or any of that stuff, but something a little more, shall I say, uncontroversial.

Solar Cycles

It has been show by NASA that the sun goes through cycles, reaching "Solar Minimums" and "Solar Maximums" and right now we're on the brink of a maximum.
This picture from NASA shows the sun as it reaches a maximum.
The amount of "sun spots" visible are very good indicators to the position in the cycle of the sun, which last around 11 years. The spots are dark blemishes on the sun's surface (which there's plenty of in the picture on the right, but I thought it looked hotter maybe because of all those big flares coming off, but that's just me). The most recent minimum was some time in 2008, so this current cycle may be a little shy of the normal time, but either way, I would expect a little more of this...
That's one hot dog.
And a little less of this...

In the upcoming year.


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